Call for Papers


The international CALL Research Conferences focus on the role of technology in the language learning, teaching and testing process. Our 2017 conference will focus on the role of the local context of the learner:

  • How does the local context shape the design of our learning environment?
  • How to determine the role and shape of the most appropriate technologies for our context?
  • To what extent can general theories such as Constructivism, Social Semiotics, Dynamic Complex Systems and Self-Determination Theory be applied to our local context?
  • How generalizable are the findings from experimental research in our context?
  • How can/should we detect and formulate to what extent learners and teachers are different?
  • To what extent do technologies afford context-dependent enrichment and personalization of the learning process? What are the routines and models for doing so?
  • What is the impact of context-dependency on the development and use of Open Educational Resources?
  • How do publishers deal with adaptation of their content to various CALL contexts?
  • To what extent can technology contribute to contextualization of the learning process?

The context can also be discussed in connection with other current topics such as:

  • Telecollaboration
  • Flipped Classrooms
  • Corpora
  • Speech technology
  • Fonts
  • Cultural differences
  • Tracking and logging; learning analytics
  • Language testing
  • Open Data
  • Semantic Web
  • Specialized Domains
  • Digital literacies/multiliteracies
  • Augmented reality; ambient intelligence

We hereby extend a cordial invitation to submit a contribution. Contributions are not restricted to research reports (full papers), but can also include recent developments or work in progress (short papers), which focuses on your context, draws from relevant literature, and serves the research community worldwide.

We invite contributions from interdisciplinary and even transdisciplinary approaches (pedagogy, technology, linguistics and psychology) with a view to discuss as a community the context-dependency and generalizability of our teaching and research activities.

The title of your contribution should be informative and clearly reflect your angle of attack. In the first part of your abstract of max. 400 words, you first describe your ongoing or finished research (project). In the second part, you describe what the impact of context has been on your research. You should discuss one or more of the topics mentioned above. Abstracts that do not explicitly incorporate the conference theme of the impact of context will not be accepted.

Abstracts should be submitted on .

Deadline for submission of abstracts: February 1st 2017.

Notification of acceptance: February 23rd 2017. The number of presentations is limited to 145.

Deadline for submission of conference paper (1 000 – 3 000 words): March 27th 2017.